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Magenta Niobe

12-in-1 Deep Tissue 24K Gold Regeneration Neck Mask (1 Year Supply)

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The D'Or 24K 12-in-1 Neck Mask has only the best ingredients that are all from natural origins, the compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue.

With high-density plant collagen and 24K gold mask releasing technology, the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by the skin and deliver brightening, moisturizing and pore-tightening effect.



Nano-gold, Plant Collagen, NMF, Haluronic acid, Heronsbill Essential oil,GREEN TEA, Arbutin, Moutain Lily, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycanes, Collodial Minerals, Sodium PCA, purified water, 24K Gold



Place mask on cleansed neck for 10-20 minutes, to be used 4 times a month.