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Silver Millie

AMZER Genuine Leather Hand Purse

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This Fashionable and lovely appearance design Woman Purse/ Wallet can fully demonstrate your aesthetic concept. This Purse/ Wallet is made of PU leather material with Dual zipper for for holding cash, coins, cards, photo, phones and other things. Now, Take care of your little things, put them in this small bag, and make your life orderly. There's no need to waste time every day looking for keys or change, and keep your mood from getting worse.



  • This Wallet is made of PU leather material.
  • Fashion, Serpentine Embossing folding design, long style.
  • Accessory for holding cash, coins, cards, photo, phones and other things.
  • Use this wallet cum purse anywhere casual, travel, school, shopping, office etc.
  • Besides,easy to carry, easy to clean.


Product Type: AMZER Woman Wallet/Purse.
Manufacturer: AMZER.
Length: 3.8inch.
Weight: 8.96oz.

SKU: 205381 - Black
PART: AMZ205381
UPC: 8907940990137

SKU: 205382 - Khaki
PART: AMZ205382
UPC: 8907940990144

SKU: 205383 - Blue
PART: AMZ205383
UPC: 8907940990151

SKU: 205384 - Watermelon Red
PART: AMZ205384
UPC: 8907940990168

SKU: 205385 - Green
PART: AMZ205385
UPC: 8907940990175

SKU: 205386 - Orange
PART: AMZ205386
UPC: 8907940990182

SKU: 205387 - Rose red
PART: AMZ205387
UPC: 8907940990199

SKU: 205388 - Purple
PART: AMZ205388
UPC: 8907940990205

SKU: 205389 - Coffee
PART: AMZ205389
UPC: 8907940990212

SKU: 205390 - Apricot
PART: AMZ205390
UPC: 8907940990229