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Violet Athena

Beautiful Hand-Woven Clutch Bag

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🌴Natural palm leaf bag with fold over flap interwoven with colorful design in a geometric pattern. This Eco-friendly bag is Hand-weaved with Multi color embroidery Sequin and adorned with blue Trim. 👛 This bag is lined on the inside with cotton fabric.
This bag can fit a cell phone, wallet, cosmetics and papers. 
It can be used as a focal piece with formal outfits,👗 or just as an accessory with casual outfits.👟
👜This is piece made by artisan hands from beginning to end. It can have slight variations of color and design because raw material comes from nature and every piece is made by hand, one by one. It takes about one week to complete this process from beginning to end. It is made by the artisans from the state of Puebla Mexico.🌵

Medium; dimensions: 13” long x 7” wide
Spot clean only with damp cloth. Treat gently.


The elaboration of this bag is a very complex process. The leaves of a special palm found in the region of Puebla, Mexico, are carefully chosen, cut and put in the sun to dry for a very specific time. This raw material is used to weave large sheets of "petate" and later these sheets are dyed and softened again with steam so that the fibers of palm do not later fall apart. Then the shapes patterns for different types of bags or purses are cut, lining and biases are added and sewn together with nylon thread.

The embroidery with bead-work and sequin is done by hand putting one bead at a time. The patterns are inspired by the typical costume of“china poblana”native to the region of Puebla, Mexico.

The elaboration of a single bag embroidered with beads can take up to 3 weeks