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Magenta Niobe

Non-surgical Blue LED Sonic Device by D-Tech

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The D-TECH  blue light is safe and effective skin care technology that helps your skin to look clearer. The Sapphire uses blue light therapy and topical heat to eliminates bacteria under the skin, by that revealing a smoother healthier complexion. 

D-TECH uses blue LEDs in the range of 415 nm. 

BLUE D-TECH  with its blue light phototherapy (415 nm), is your solution to acne.

The BLUE treatment probe (metal head) will heat up to 40-42 C (104-107 F) to provide topical heating which increases blood flow to the treated area. The blue light penetrates into the pores and directly kills p. bacteria growing inside the skin.

The increased blood flow to the treated area provides protein, nutrients, and oxygen to naturally heal and improve the skin.

Research has shown that blue light therapy helps to relieve acne symptoms and reduce acne. When used as directed, results can be expected in as little as 14 days with no side
effects or pain. Blue light therapy is suitable for all ages.

D-TEC BLUE is a painless, affordable, 100% natural solution to acne that can be easily used in the comfort of your own home.